Your Time is Valuable!

We’ve all had this feeling as patients in doctors’ offices. We understand how frustrating it seems. We consider your time valuable and know how hard it is to wait with children.

We would like to explain how our schedule works and where the tie-ups occur.

  • We try to schedule our well visits in blocks of time that will not be interrupted by many unplanned sick appointments. We feel that parents who have made well appointments two or three months in advance should not have to wait to be seen because there are many ill children that day. However, other problems still occur that can cause you to have to wait for your well appointment. Sometimes a physical exam can require more than the expected time due to an unusual problem. In addition, visits scheduled to be relatively short (like ear rechecks) can become very long when parents ask us to address additional problems. If you feel your own visit will require more time than usual due to questions or concerns you have about your child, please let the receptionist know when you make the appointment. This would help alleviate frustration for the patients following you.
  • In the course of a day, parents may bring an extra-unscheduled child along for us to “take a peek at” (which entails a complete office visit). We prefer not to do this, but it is hard for us to ignore an ill child. If you find yourself with one child with an appointment and another of your children is suddenly ill and also requires an appointment, please let the receptionist know so that both children can be seen with the least disruption to the other patients’ appointments.

If everyone understands all of these factors, we can try to meet everyone’s needs in the most prompt fashion. If you do find yourself waiting and cannot keep your child happy with toys and books, notify the Medical Assistant or Receptionist that you would like to walk in the hall with your child. We will find you when it is your turn to be seen. We have asked our staff to notify you if they anticipate an unusually long wait so that you have the option of leaving the office to walk around the building or rescheduling your appointment.