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February 11, 2018
Category: Child Care
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Practical information we have learned on our own and from friends, relatives and patients.


Say good-bye to fingernail-trimming anxiety and clipped baby fingertips!!


  • Don’t use clippers!

It’s too hard to tell what is between the blades and you risk nipping your baby’s fingertip.  It’s painful to baby and even more upsetting to you. 

  • Use cuticle or newborn scissors

With scissors it’s easier to be sure that you only have nail between the blades, not skin.  Snip only the nail that extends past the fingertip.  Cut straight across.  Make sure your hands and your baby’s hands are firmly anchored when you snip.  You may find it easier to do this task while your baby is sleeping.

  • If scissors aren’t your thing, use a nail file!