Why School And Sports Physicals Are Important
By Orchard Pediatrics, PC
August 24, 2021
Category: Child Care

If your son or daughter is considering playing a sport this year, it's vital they get a sports physical. It's more important than ever to ensure that your child is healthy before any kind of activity, even if it's a low-contact sport. Orchard Pediatrics is a board-certified children's medical practice that offers school and sports physicals to patients in West Bloomfield, Commerce Township, and Farmington Hills, MI. If your child needs a physical before attending school or playing a sport, give them a call today.

What is a School Physical?

Many schools and scholastic athletic leagues require children to complete a regular examination of their health and physique before they can be accepted into the program. This is especially important for sports teams because an injury on the field could be exacerbated by a preexisting condition.

During a school physical, the pediatrician will record the child's height, weight, and blood pressure. Plus, they will have their eyes, ears, nose, throat, lungs, heart, and abdomen examined for any abnormalities. The doctor will also administer any necessary vaccinations and write any prescriptions for medication.

Students in the West Bloomfield, Commerce Township, and Farmington Hills, MI area should stop by Orchard Pediatrics to schedule a physical today.

Why Regular School and Sports Physicals are Important?

A child's body develops rapidly and it's important to monitor any changes to ensure they are healthy. Especially in today's world where public health is at the forefront of everyone's mind, it's important for institutions to know if your child has any medical issues they should be aware of.

It's also essential for parents to know that their children are developing normally and there aren't any medical problems they should be concerned about. Physical activity is vital to a child's development, but it's also essential to do it safely and responsibly. School and sports physicals ensure that your child has a clean bill of health and that they can pursue the activities they're passionate about without any potential for concern.

When you need school and sports physicals in West Bloomfield, Commerce Township or Farmington Hills, MI, come see us at Orchard Pediatrics. Give us a call at (248) 855-7510 to book an appointment or request more information.